A banner that expands on mouseover and collapses on mouseout.

Delfi allows only expanding banners that expand to the left or down.

Autoplay video is allowed on the expanded part of the expanding banner. The template video loading, playing, pausing and looping settings have been set for you and the banner will be rejected if settings to not conform to Delfi requirements.


Expanding Example Expanding Video Example


Expanding Leaderboard: collapsed 995x200 px / expanded 995x500 px
Expanding Tower: collapsed 300x600 / expanded 800px600 px

Weight limits
Expanded Leaderboard: 100KB
Expanded Tower: 100KB

Video Weight limits
Autoplay video on expanding banner: 2MB


  1. Open studio template
  2. Replace collapsed part
  3. Replace expanded part
  4. Set clicktag
  5. Optimize banner and export