Interscroller banner is an effective full-view banner in mobile that is fixed to view but under content and displayed only when scrolled over a gap in the content. This effectivly causes a cool semi-parallax effect

Currently only image version of interscroller banner is supported. Video and rich media solutions are not allowed.

Two images are requiered. One for portrait mode and one for landscape mode. The banner switches between images as it detects change in width to height ratio.



Two images are requiered for interscroller banner. One for portrait mode and one for landscape mode. The dimensions of the banner are not fixed as the banner scales the images as requiered, but please keep the image aspect ratio of 16:9
Suggested sizes:
Portrait: 360x640px
Landscape: 640x360px

Weight limits
Weight limit per image is 75KB

Best practices
For the best effect, keep the images simple and try to avoid adding too much text or text with a small font.


  1. Create portrait and landscape images
  2. Open AdForm Studio template
  3. Open additional assets
  4. Replace the first asset with your portrait image
  5. Replace the second asset with your landscape image
  6. Add clicktag
  7. Optimize and export
  8. Send the zip to Delfi