Expanding tower is an interactive banner that expands when the user moves the mouse over the banner and collapses when the user moves the mouse off the banner.

This type of banner expands temporarily over the content and is allowed only on tower banners. For content banner use pushdown banner solution.

Video on the expanded part of expanding tower ad is allowed as long as the video complies with video file requirements below.


Expanding Tower Example Expanding Tower with Video Example


Expanding tower banner is a single expanding banner that may be as simple as one single image that expands to display the whole image or as complicated as rich media solution with animations on both collapsed and expanded parts an video on the expanded part.

Simplest way to create an expanding tower banner is to use the provided Adform Studio links to premade templates and following the instructions below.
If you wish to create an expanding banner standalone and not use Adform Studio, you must include the Adform script in the head of the banner and use Adform expand event to call the expand part.

It is possible to create an expanding tower banner using two html5 banners and combining them, but that solution is very cluncky without smooth transition and event tracking. Please try and avoid using two html5 banner file expanding tower.

Expanding tower banner loads the some assets after user interactions so the banner weight limit is based on the initial load of the banner.

Example assets of a simple expandign tower - Example ZIP file


Please follow the instructions below to create a simple images expanding tower or watch the video of how to create expanding tower with video.

Simple image expanding tower

Simple expanding tower with video