As interstitial advertisement we provide a solution where the client provides a banner with a fixed ratio - we provide positioning and close functionality. The advertisement is placed on the screen at its maximum size relative to the screen size. This way advertisement design does not need to take into account the many different device ratios.

The banner does not change ratio based on device orientation. It is possible to create landscape and portrait views as different banners and target them based on device type (e.g mobile, tablet or desktop) but it is not possible to target based device orientation.

Close button and autoclose time counter styles cannot be customized.

Banner area allocation

A visual example of how much space is allocated to the banner based on the difference between banner and device ratio.

Placement logic

Unlike other banners that are targeted to either mobile or desktop environment the interstitial banner placement is shown based on device type. When viewing desktop view with a desktop computer - the desktop interstitial advertisement would be shown - however when viewing the desktop environment with a mobile device - the mobile interstitial advertisement would be shown.

Frequency capping

Due to the aggressive nature of the interstitial advertisement, it will be shown at most every two hours per unique user. Additional capping can be added (e.g twice a day or four times per week). Advertisement will not be served to new users and users without cookies.


Mobile Banner Dimensions
Either a portrait or a landscape advertisement is required.
Portrait: 600x800px

Desktop Banner Dimensions
Landscape: 1024x675px

HTML5 banner should follow the guidelines: How To Make a Responsive HTML5 banner

Weight limits
Weight limit is 100KB

Events and tracking
The banner is tracked as an ordinary banner, events tracking inside the banner follows standard events tracking rules/guidelines. Close button statistics will not be provided as the close button is outside the banner.

The banner will automatically close after 12 sec
When a user interacts with the advertisement the autoclose timer can be canceled by sending the message InterstitialBannerInteraction via postMessage to the parent window.

window.parent.postMessage('InterstitialBannerInteraction', '*');

For example to cancel autoclose timer when banner is clicked:

window.addEventListener('click', function(){
	window.parent.postMessage('InterstitialBannerInteraction', '*');

Background color
By default the page background that is not allocated the advertisement will be painted black.
With HTML5 banner this can be changed by triggering postMessage to the parent window.

window.parent.postMessage({banner: 'Interstitial', backgroundColor: '#ededed'}, '*');

Best practices
Try to avoid adding too much text or text with a small font.

See also:
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