Scroller is a wide, indefinitely left scrolling repeating image banner at the bottom of the page that includes a close button on the right side edge.

Animation speed and direction of the scroller as well as the close button are set by Delfi.


Scroller Example


Animated gif's are not allowed. Only static jpeg/png images.


Small scroller: 800x35 px
Big scroller: 800x50 px
Mobile scroller: 400x35 px

Weight limits
Small scroller: 20KB
Big scroller: 20KB
Mobile scroller: 20KB

For best experience the image of the scroller banner should be opimized and designed to repeat seamlessly.

Best practices
A transparent background on scroller banner image can visually enhance the experience of the visitor.


  1. Create an image with dimensions of 800x35 or 800x50 pixels.
  2. Make sure that the image file does not exceed the weight limit of 20KB.
  3. Use Adform Scroller studio template
  4. Open File Browser
  5. Open Additional Assets
  6. Replace the first asset on the list of additional assets with your image.
  7. Close Additional Assets window
  8. Open Banner Settings
  9. Change the width and height value to your image height
  10. Change the first clictag under CLICKTAGS to your landing url
  11. Optimize and Export your banner and send that ZIP file to Delfi