Videobanner is a html5 banner that includes a video element.

Video elements are allowed on all placements except scroller and interscroller
Video element can ba a part of banner where it is just part of the banner and the rest is an image or HTML.
Or video element can be the only element on the banner where the whole banner is covered by the video element.

Videobanners can be devided into Autoplay and Click To Play.



Click to Play

Best Practices


We have prepared an Adform Studio template that you can use to quickly create a videobanner. This template uses Adform custom videoplayer that has been optimized and set up correctly so that the videobanner does not stress the borwser too much.

Studio Video Banner

To create a video banner using our prepared Adform Studio template, please follow these instructions:

  1. Have a videofile under 2MB (or 5MB in case of Click to Play videobanner)
  2. Open Adform Studio banner template
  3. Set the correct size in Banner Settings
  4. Set the clicktag of the banner in Banner Settings
  5. Replace the first asset in ADDITIONAL ASSETS in File Browser
  6. Optimize banner and export
  7. Send the zip file to Delfi