Wallpaper Ad

Wallpaper Ad is a premium static background image that serves as a branded frame for a web page.

By framing the content and drawing the users attention to the clickable part at the top, and at the same time not competing with other banner ads on the page, the wallpaper ad provides a good user experience and leaves an impression of a premium advertisment.

Brand awareness can be further increased by having the wallpaper ad made sticky, meaning it remains fixed in place as the user scrolls down. This in tandem with other placements on the page can leave a lasting impression of a good quality combined advertisment.


Wallpaper Ad is a single large background image with an optional 995x300px HTML5 header part. The background image size will be set to cover which makes the image strech so that it fills the whole background.

The specifications, requirements and recommendations of the Wallpaper Ad background image and HTML5 header are:

Background Image

HTML5 header

We have provided a zip file of an example project. Inside you will find an example background image, a HTML5 header part made with Adobe Edge Animate.